Sunday, 31 March 2013


He lay awake, struck, it would seem,
Never before had he encountered so chilling a dream
He woke up with a start, he couldn't scream.

The earliest dream he could remember
was of the maniacal laughter of the murderer
And as his friend's face bled red
from the blow across his head
He woke up to find he wet his bed

He dreamt of the mob that pushed him back and forth
Of the gun shots fired all around
And of the infinite fall into nothingness

He dreamt of being tossed into a furnace
The smell, sound and nausea from burning epidermis
And the black as his eyes melted in a lingering hiss

He had even dreamed of the unknown
Voices that shriek, whisper and moan
Blindfolded, he dreamt like the sightless
Apprehensive about what was to happen next
He was to face the thing he dreaded most
But always woke up before, fearing the worst.

Today was the most horrifying of above all
He dreamed of her, at least whatever he could recall
The dream wasn't anything new,
It was a dream he never outgrew,
of the stadium, the grass, and the early morning dew.
The softly spoken word, the stolen glance,
Her earrings played with the sun rays, by beautiful chance
Her face illuminated by the light of dawn
And the words from the previous night's fight, withdrawn
Usually, he moves to kiss her, but is held by the brilliant brown in her eyes,
and as her eyelids close, gently and gracefully,
the picture blacks out and the dream dies.

Today, it was different, he woke up scared
For something like this, he was unprepared.
He knew he would move on to a better place,
Her memory in his mind, will slowly be erased,
and the thoughts meant for her would somehow be replaced.
The stadium was there, just as he knew
So was she, right on cue
Green grass and sky so blue
they were the solitary two
He was almost in a blissful trance
And as she takes his hand, he steals a glance

Of all the memories he could misplace,
he never imagined he would forget her face.


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    1. Gee.. really? Thanks!
      And bring back your blog!! x-(

    2. Yes really!

      Haha, I somehow can't help feeling ashamed of what I've written on there :/

    3. You are kidding me, right? Please tell me you are kidding me.

      Frankly, I would rather read about people who temper sambar than anything else. :P Send me an invite?

  2. Awwww :') That is so sweet. I'm not kidding, at all. I mean it's closed for everybody. But since you are so incredibly kind, I'm leaving it open for a while. Thank you :)

    1. No, thank _you_. :) Drop an invite to my mail id?

    2. Done :) It's open right now. Will send you an invite if I decide to close it down again :)

  3. And if I were to send an invite, where should I send it at?