Monday, 29 August 2011

Things change. Sometimes its all way too fast.
Too many things you have to do. Too many more things you want to do. You concentrate a bit on one world of yours and the others come crashing down. And by the time you fix that one, you are already falling behind elsewhere. Give something up, says everyone. But you don't want to. For only you know how important each one of them is to you. You start convincing yourself that you can actually do it all. You build things up in your head. You gradually stop trying so hard. But you still proudly boast of things in one world to the people of another. More admiration. More ego. No one knows who you truly are. You slowly forget who you truly are. You see people around you run and fall. And you are so proud that you never fall. Of course you never fall, for you never run. The ones who fall, grow. You see the people around you grow and assume you are growing along with them.

Believe me, someday, someone you look up to will see you and say how they are so amazed that you can manage to do so much. And then, as suddenly, you will realise how empty you actually are and your whole world of lies will crumble upon itself. Then fear will come. Worst of all, you will be left alone, for your ego has already pushed away almost all the ones who care, and will never let you seek help from the ones who somehow still manage to stay.