Thursday, 4 August 2011

Harry potter and the deathly hallows - part 2.

Well, it sucked.

I mean, the special effects were all great, but seriously, Harry and Voldemort engaging in a fist fight is really not Harry Potter for me. To be honest I really did not expect anything good after watching the trailer, but I never thought there would be parts of the movie which made me doubt if it was a spoof.  And a really bad one at that. Featuring sound effects by gaptain Vijayakanth.

Being in a school hostel where there was no internet access, no tv, no movies, no nothing, books were really my only escape. And this kind of fantasy was just awesome because it becomes so much easier to wonder if it could all be possibly true. I have read all the books in the series so many times and have had infinitely many discussions with 3 other close friends of mine that at some point of time, I was pretty sure there was nothing anyone could ask about the books that none of us knew. So having been that guy, I knew every single dialogue that had even the slightest importance. And when scenes with such dialogues were terribly altered and such dialogues themselves were killed with over-acting involving gaptain-laugh, I was very much pained.

I accept that there were a few scenes in the movie which were pretty awesome, and that the movie really did justice to prince's tale. The scene in which Mcgonagall calls the knights to defend Hogwarts castle was simply awesome. The build up to the battle was fairly good and so were all the scenes of Harry reading Voldemort's mind.

The changes in a few parts were indeed necessary since there is just too much to be said, but some scenes in the book were written just for the movie!! For instance, the scene in the great hall where Parkinson asks the people to give Harry up but they all stand up, wands raised, to declare their support for him instead. I mean, the scene was just FTW in the book!!! Also, how hard would it have been for Neville to just pull the sword and chop off Nagini's head instead of giving the sappy speech about Harry living in their hearts? And I understand the side-characters dont get as much importance and so I am even ok with the zero mention of Percy, but Fred's death? It was one of the most gut-wrenching scenes in the book and was totally neglected. The awesome thing about HP is that, in addition to the story, the characters are awesomely portrayed and have emotional depth. The movie was no way anywhere close. Especially Molly's "Not my daughter, you bitch". I mean, when I read it in the book, I felt pure joy for Sirius was finally going to be avenged. The scene in the movie was so so bad and the lack of importance to Fred's death and the seriousness of battle between Ginny and Bellatrix did not help things. Also, Voldemort actually slapped Lucius in the movie. And Hermione hit Nagini with a stone. With a frigging stone!!!

So yeah, the movie was probably decent for someone without much knowledge of the book, but it sure sucks for someone who has spent much time with it. To me, it was not a farewell of any sort. I had my farewell four years ago. I am just happy that they don't have any more books to kill.


  1. No mention of any kisses in your review??... Oh God!! For what good is a HP movie then??

  2. dont talk of this movie!!! the incident happended after it...!!
    the book ends with an Äll was well... but is it really?!!