Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Happy birthday to me!! (and to this blog)

    So yesterday was my birthday. I normally don't do much for my birthday. I rarely have any parties, I rarely do something extra-ordinary, and to be sincere, I rarely have a "blast".
    Monday evening as I was cycling back to my hostel from my Intern-ship place (I don't want ot call it "office"), I couldn't help but thinking how my birthday usually falls on a holiday and how this time it sucks that I have to go for work that day. Also, how things are going to be worse as most of my friends are not in station and were busy with their own intern-ships. And things just got worse when my phone started acting weird. Not only did I lose all my contacts, I sometimes couldn't receive calls and couldn't view messages.
    I wake up on my birthday morning with few of my hostel mates wishing me and I start for work. My brother promises me a phone (:D) and I spend almost the whole morning contemplating on which phone to buy. We decide that I would go to Tambaram directly from here and go with him to get a phone. I get off work at 5 and meet Sachin, and tell him we would go outside somewhere for dinner. Then I start to meet my bro, reach there at 6, and 10 minutes later I have this phone in my hand (:D:D:D). Dear bro, you are amazing.. (read as "you are amazing, fullstop.")

    I start from there and call up vaidhee(my room-mate) and tell him that I am on my way back and that as soon as I reach we would go out. I asked him about Sachin and Solomon and he says they are on the way. I reach insti and I call vaidhee, he says they have just started and will take time to reach and asks me to come to room. I reach my hostel and go up to my room. I knock on the door and was trying to figure out how there were so many pairs of footwear outside the door and hear the lighter click. In the next couple of seconds, lights go out and I could see candle light through the window glass. I start smiling uncontrollably and as the door opens, I am greeted by water balloons and sachin assaults me. I go in and see this amazing cake. And then came the candles. As I went near them to blow them out, when I saw sparks in the candle. Knowing my friends I was afraid. I wouldn't have been surprised if the candles had been designed to blow up the cake in my face when they go off. But as Arjun(my other room-mate) urged me on, I blow off the candles and get the knife ready when the candle sparks and goes back on. Wait, what? Some special candles my awesome room-mates have taken pains to find. Well, lets just say that I attempted for another 5 mins to blow them off at the end of which all of us started blowing the candles out for the cake was just too yummy to be just sitting there. Then we start for rain-forest for my treat (for the record, I have never been happier giving a treat).
    This birthday was the *best* birthday for as long as I can remember. Well, who am I kidding, this birthday was the best EVER!! And I got the most amazing friends in the world.


  1. Awesum write up... seems like some1 had a real blast!!belated Happy Birthday :)Hope d year turns out to be as wonderful as d day went :D

  2. Cool man.
    I can imagine the *BIG DEVA GRIN* in its full glory when that magic moment came !!